Abed El Wahab Bldg in Ashrafieh

Travertino is a stone of beauty. It is very difficult to treat. It has to be polished following a very accurate know how. And this is how we have embellished it.

Marble is a noble material and it has to be given what it deserves using a cutting edge technology to:
• Enhance its original color;
• Increase its durability;
• Treat it with products that will not alter its original color with time;
• These products the absorption of water into the mass of the stone since water reacts with minerals inherent in the stone composition.

Protecting it with nanotechnology products will render it:
• Water repellent;
• Easier to clean;
• Resistant to wear & tear;
• Gives a magnificent transparency.

Using special products instead of steal wool to cristallise your your floor to look like a mirror without altering its original color.

Our specialized manpower some of whom have more than 25 years of experience is endowed with artisanal know how combined with very advanced technologies.